The FPA Annual Conference: Opportunities for Financial Advisors

Financial Planning Association pic
Financial Planning Association pic
Financial Planning Association

Frank Cardia is the owner and founder of Blue Sky Financial, where he works as a financial advisor. Also a licensed New Jersey realtor and life and health insurance broker, Frank Cardia is a member of the prestigious Financial Planning Association.

The Financial Planning Association (FPA) is an organization that provides financial advisory services to clients needing assistance in intelligent budgeting and planning. FPA also functions as a professional resource for those in the business of financial advising, keeping them current on trends in the industry, as well as creating a community of like-minded peers and providing an annual conference.

The FPA Annual Conference is an opportunity for professionals in financial planning to network with each other, explore new ideas and strategies, and consult those with greater experience. Taking place over several days, the event consists of a variety of presentations and panels on innovative new topics as well as established, successful methods. Topics at past conferences have included the ramifications of remarriage, long-term divorce goals, and estate planning for celebrities.

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