Training Tips for Your First Ultra Marathon

IRONMAN Race pic
IRONMAN Race pic

Financial advisor Frank Cardia established Blue Sky Financial in 2011, and continues to help his clients manage their wealth and investments. Outside of his work in the financial world, Frank Cardia is an accomplished runner and cyclist. He has completed multiple ultra-marathons, including a 100-mile run.

If you have successfully completed a marathon before, an ultra-marathon is likely within your reach. Consider the following training tips as you prepare for a 50-mile or longer run.

1. If feasible, lose a little weight. Every extra pound on your body is a pound you must carry while running. Shedding a few pounds helps during training, and it lightens the load on race day.

2. Practice efficient running. It may be awkward to adjust to a new running form, but the less motion is wasted, the less energy is wasted. Hold your head still, and practice picking up your feet as little as possible, especially on flat terrain.

3. Train in similar conditions to the race course. Beginners will do best on a flat course, but if the course will be steep or technical, then training on hills is highly important.

4. Focus on pacing. Do not try to start an ultra-marathon at marathon pace. Instead, try running about 30 seconds per mile slower than your comfortable marathon pace, and adjust as necessary.

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