Medical Insurance Trends that Insurance Brokers Want You to Know About

Medical Insurance Trends pic
Medical Insurance Trends pic
Medical Insurance Trends

Frank Cardia is both the owner and financial advisor of Blue Sky Financial, which he started in 2011, and has over 20 years of experience in the financial services business. In addition to being a licensed financial advisor, Frank Cardia is also a licensed New Jersey Realtor and a licensed life and health insurance broker.

An international insurance broker recently gathered industry experts to come up with a list of important trends in the medical insurance field which can help employers effectively implement a wellness program for their businesses.

To start, the definition of wellness differs from one company to another, although one thing is certain – wellness programs are in great demand in most workplaces. Because its definition varies, the insurance brokers advise company officials sit down together with insurance brokers and come up with a clear definition of how the company would like to define wellness.

An increasing demand for medical checkups has been noted. Because of this demand, employers can consider medical checkups a core benefit of their wellness programs. On the other hand, if the employees appear not to be using the benefit, this can be discussed with the insurers to replace it with another benefit that the employees find more important.

There is also an increasing demand for preventive health programs. These programs are intended to stop or prevent any disease before the illness affects its members. The benefits usually included in these programs are health screenings and educational sessions, among others.

Last but not the least is the increasing demand in refining existing health plans. Wellness programs have to be constantly updated to meet the needs of both the employers and the employees. This particular trend shows that employees value the qualities of the benefits as much or more than their quantitative aspects.

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